All dreams is your unconscious mind trying to communicate with your conscious part of the mind. The unconscious part of the mind will illustrate you with metaphors so your rational part of your mind understands the message. Every single dream you have shows the status of your unconscious part of the mind. So its very important to try to understand what those dreams and unconscious are trying to tell you.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are very common and are often triggered by a certain situation, phase in life or a problem that keeps. It is very important to understand recurring dreams because your unconscious mind is telling you that this issue is important, and that you must solve or understand it. When you finally understand it , there are high probabilities that you don't dream it back.


To see a farm on your dream suggests that you need to develop an aspect of yourself and utilize your potential. But you must start to remember the color , the emotional feelings, the shape, the locations, etc. Each simbol and each thing you see has a reason, your mind is trying to tell you something specifically so pay attention to details.